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Podcast - Ep. 8: The Prescriptions - Hays Ragsdale Interview

For the latest episode of our podcast, Andy Ruzicka caught up with Hays Ragsdale, frontman for The Prescriptions, before the band's recent show at Delmar Hall, which was headlined by John Paul White (formerly of The Civil Wars).

Earlier this year, the band had only planned to serve as support for two of White's shows, but when he saw them at SXSW, he was so impressed that he added them to his entire West Coast tour.

"It's an opportunity that felt like it came out of the blue," Ragsdale said. "We were kinda trying to book summer dates, and all of a sudden, that problem was solved for us, like really quick."

While touring is nothing new for the band, which formed in 2015, this one is unique for the group.

"We've toured around, like, small spurts of shows here and there," he said. "I think this is about three weeks long, so that's the longest by probably about two weeks."

"Seeing places that we've never been and, you know, playing shows and venues that we probably wouldn't get to play otherwise. It's been just really, really great."

The band's using this time to promote its debut album, "Hollywood Gold." The record is the result of a diverse list of influences that range from Laurel Canyon folk singers to new wave bands.

"We all kind of have the same vocabulary when it comes to those influences," Ragsdale said.

The Prescriptions recorded their new album at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, following in the footsteps of greats like R.E.M. and Robert Plant.

"Not to be hyperbolic, but [it was] just kind of awe-inspiring," Ragsdale said of the experience. "I felt a little out of my depth, I'll say that."

The result of those sessions is the impressive "Hollywood Gold," which is available digitally, and fans can pick a vinyl copy when they see the band live. (CDs are coming "shortly," according to Ragsdale.)


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