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Calif. Punk Rockers Tess & The Details Release 'Canary' Single; Debut Album to Follow Nov. 14

Credit: Matthew Medina

The newly released "Canary" is the first single from Tess & The Details' forthcoming debut album, "Runaway." The San Francisco, Calif. punk rockers will drop the record on Nov. 14, and they certainly seem excited.

"There’s a party going on stage as much as there’s a party in the crowd" - “Runaway” is just the start of what we hope will be a really good time,” Tess Stevens, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, said in a press release.

The music video for "Canary" pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock, but with a twist. While the legendary director's films often saw the blonde femme fatale “being tortured by the male protagonist,” as Stevens puts it, this video sees "the roles reversed. It’s the revenge of the Hitchcock blonde."

Though this is the only song on the album that's been officially released, the band has announced the tracklist for "Runaway," and the blonde-haired theme appears to not stop at "Canary."

The record's opener is titled "Blondies Gonna Die," which the band has played live, along with other songs from the forthcoming debut. (Tess & The Details performed their debut show in February.)

It seems clear that the band's in-concert energy is an important part of its identity.

“We work super hard on our songs and aim to perform them live in a way that will showcase that,” Stevens said.

Full tracklist:

01 – "Blondies Gonna Die"

02 – "Canary

03 – "Runaway"

04 – "Take a Number"

05 – "Emergency"

06 – "Unnatural Disaster"

07 – "Mania"

08 – "Jester"

09 – "Johnny"

10 – "Perfect World"

11 – "Saint of Purgatory"

12 – "No Grave"


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