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Folk-rockers Lusitanian Ghosts on 'September' Single; New LP Sept. 15

Blending traditional Portuguese instruments with modern folk and pop-rock sounds, Lusitanian Ghosts will release their album, "Lusitanian Ghosts III," on Sept. 15.

Founded by Neil Leyton, who is Canadian, and Swede Micke Ghost, this Trans-Atlantic band picked Sebastian Muxfield, who has worked with Teenage Fanclub, to mix and record their record in Hamburg, Germany.

The fourth and final single from the forthcoming album is a melodic and melancholy song called "September."

"Musically, this one started out with an old bassline that I’d been toying around with for years but never got anywhere with. When I read Neil's lyrics that riff came to mind and we used it for the song originally," Ghost, who sings and plays viola amarantina, said in a press release.

"To me, September was always the most intense month of each year during my formative years... spending Summers on the beach in Portugal, then flying back to Canada for school," Leyton, singer, added.

Filling out the lineup are João Sousa, who plays drums and adufe; Abel Beja, viola terceira and backing vocals; António “ToZé” Bexiga, viola campaniça; Janne Olsson, bass and viola beirão.

As the title implies, "Lusitanian Ghosts III" will be the band's third album, following their self-titled 2018 album and "Exotic Quixotic" in 2021.

The new album will be available in both mono and stereo versions, and Leyton says the new single is a good example of what listeners can expect from the LP.

"This is also the perfect song to really introduce the wide breadth of emotions that are coming up on the rest of the Lusitanian Ghosts III album."


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