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Gina Schock, Drummer for The Go-Go's, on House of Schock EP and 'Sixth Go-Go' Drew Barrymore

Credit: Jason Siemer

Despite the unpredictable world around us, the last few years seem to have been uniquely special for The Go-Go's.

In 2020, the band's self-titled documentary was released to critical acclaim, which amounted to a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The following year, the influential all-female group was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with their award being presented by Drew Barrymore.

In 2022, The Go-Go's played what could have been their final show, with reports of the band disbanding following shortly after. Whether or not this is truly the end for the group, they have plenty to celebrate, including four top-20 singles (two in the top 10) on the Billboard Hot 100 and millions of albums sold.

But while it's great to reflect on past achievements, the band's drummer Gina Schock is also looking forward.

Recently, a new Facebook page for the group House of Schock appeared, with the promise of new music to follow. If the group's name sounds familiar, it's because Gina used the band name for a 1988 self-titled album, which also featured core member Vance DeGeneres, a bassist, actor and Ellen DeGeneres' brother.

Though the band's current lineup is different from the late-'80s, one constant remains: Schock is out front as the the lead singer.

Ben Province: What led to the reboot of House of Schock?

Gina Schock: My incurable disease of loving music madly and needing to be creative this way and this time.

BP: Do you see the forthcoming music from House of Schock as a continuation of what you did with the project in the late-'80s? Or is it something entirely new?

GS: In a way, it will be a continuation of HOS from the '80s, because I am at the creative core of this project. Still, the music that I am creating now is obviously going to be different, because I am drawing from my experience in the last 30 years. Everything that seeps into my brain and my subconscious I will be expressing from a 2023 viewpoint. The candle has been re-lit.

BP: How soon will the new material be released?

GS: As soon as we can possibly get it together. There are many moving parts, as this is a real band. We have been in the studio, collectively coming up with some great material. Keep an eye out for an EP soon and a tour next year.

BP: What made you decide to not be the primary drummer in the band, too?

GS: I am the lead vocalist in HOS, and I am better serving the fans by being out front and doing my groove. I feel it would be somewhat boring to be the lead vocalist while drumming. Music makes me move, and I want my body to fully express what I am feeling.

BP: Drew Barrymore inducted The Go-Go's into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. How did it come to be that she would be the one to present the award?

GS: Drew has been a fan of the band since her childhood. I can remember so many times walking off stage and seeing her and her mom in the wings. She has been a true fan. How lucky was it for us to have her induct us! She is officially the sixth Go-Go. I just adore her.

BP: Given the punk origins of The Go-Go's, a band that would go on to have massive success on the pop charts, it seems like a versatile and influential legacy that would be difficult to accurately sum up. Is that something you think about?

GS: Yes, I think everyone in the band thinks about this at one time or another. You've watched us grow up and evolve. We are a punk band at heart and always will be. When we play live our punk roots shine.

Note: Interview was conducted by email and has been edited.


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