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Podcast - Ep. 3: The Quebe Sisters Interview

John Fleming recently caught up with the Quebe Sisters at Blueberry Hill before the band’s show at the Duck Room.

The Quebe Sisters, who describe the band’s sound as “acoustic swing,” is made up of Grace, Sophia and Hulda Quebe, Simon Stipp, guitarist, and Daniel Parr, bassist.

The sisters share vocal duties and each play fiddle.

As singers, the Quebes were influenced by The Mills Brothers, and as fiddle players the group cites Bob Wills as a main inspiration.

The Quebe Sisters acknowledge the band’s sound has a “vintage-y” feel, but that was not something that was planned.

Described as an “unintentional thing that happened,” the Quebes are inspired not just by classic sounds, but also by current artists, and cite their Texas accents as contributing to a throwback vibe.

The band’s latest album, 2014’s “Every Which-a-Way,” is a new chapter in the group's catalog, coming a long way from the Quebe Sisters’ debut in 2003, which was released when the sisters were still kids.

The group said it looks forward to the sound evolving in the near future.

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